June 19, 2006

what did you say your name was, again, darling?

One of the reasons I want to post again is my notorious (yet charming!!!) forgetfulness. (Refer to my previous post for a sampling of these self-proclaimed charms! haha)

I swear I'll never forget the adorable, funny, endearing things my kids say and do, but damnit if a few days haven't passed and I've already forgotten. So...I figure if for no other reason, it's a great way to chronicle all those stories that get logged away in my brain's filing system only to fall between the folders and get jammed and crumpled up somewhere between the "Reasons why I don't wear tube tops" folder and the "Why I hate PeeWee Herman" folder.

So let me add to the collection of stories by telling you a Nate story:

Last week, Natie says to me, "Mom, know what my favorite pasta is?"

I reply, "No, what?"

His reply? "Bow-tox!"

God, I love that kid.

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Remember me? hehe...yeah...it's been a while, but heck, I figured if Whittle can disappear for months on end and still have a loyal following, should I expect less? I didn't think so.

Actually, I've attempted to post on more than one occasion, but would you believe I couldn't remember my password? It's taken months to figure out! And if i told you it's the password I've used for EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS, would that make you think less of me? I didn't think so.

So anyway...now that I figured out that little brainteaser, maybe I'll try this posting thing again. I might even sit down and write the greatest blog post of all time!!! Are you impressed??? Excited??? Setting your alarm clock so you don't miss tomorrow's post???? I didn't think so.


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